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Large Accessories

  • Buschbeck Stainless Steel Fire Grate & Ash Pan

    Buschbeck Stainless Steel Fire Grate & Ash Pan

    Buschbeck Stainless Steel Fire Grate & Ash Pan Fire grate and ash pan made out of high-grade stainless steel (304 grade) Suitable for all Buschbeck garden barbeque fireplaces. Allows better combustion, easier charcoal & fire starting and makes cleaning the BBQ after use much easier. Dimensions: W 45 X D 34 cm As shipping charges…

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  • Cast Iron Grill Rack

    Cast Iron Grill Rack

    Cleverly designed, the Buschbeck cast iron porcelain coated reversible cooking grill features inverted “V” cooking bars. This allows one side to focus the heat into the cooking bars for those perfect sear lines, whilst the other side features grooves that channel away excess cooking juices (ideal for grilling fattier food such as belly pork or…

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  • Chimney Smoker

    Chimney Smoker

    Chimney Smoker insert Ideal for smoking fish and meat. Can be a great add on to your party. As shipping charges increase with quantity, maximum order quantity is 1 item. If you would like to place an order for more than one BBQ or Accessory, please contact our office on 01 610 6175.

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  • Pizza Oven

    Pizza Oven

    With this Pizza Oven you now don’t have to go to the local Italian restaurant to get an authentic tasting pizza! This Pizza Oven is manufactured from a combination of tough enamelled steel and stainless steel and features a high performance ceramic bakerstone. Insert the pizza oven into your Buschbeck barbecue whenever you want to…

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