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The Elba has a white quartz textured and washed surface, with a stainless steel plate that gives the barbecue a unique and modern look.

The double walled construction of the barbecue allows you to burn several types of fuel – starting off with Charcoal and moving on to firewood, to give the perfect fire to sit around and enjoy the warmth!

The Barbecue has four adjustable cooking heights, and comes with a stainless steel grill rack that’s perfect for cooking. We also sell cast iron grill racks, which we would reccommend to anyone that is going to be using their Buschbeck regularly for cooking.

ELBA Assembly Instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 110 x 203 x 65 cm

Weight: 440 kg

Fuel: Wood and Charcoal
Accessories : Stainless Steel Grill Rack and White Cement for assembly